Take Congress from the GOP

Take Congress from the GOP

A Statement of Randy Auxier and the Committee to Elect Auxier

The Democrats have been using the phrase that we must “flip Congress,” as if you had only two choices –that Congress is either Democrat or Republican. Apart from being self-serving (something Democrats are bad about doing), the presentation is simply false. In many Congressional districts you have more than two choices. That includes the 12th district of Illinois.

We agree that taking control of Congress from the GOP is prudent, desirable, and important. Clearly the GOP has proven that it will do all in its power to reward the rich and corporate powers and to screw the rest of the country. One need not look past the rollbacks of Obama-care and their obscene new tax plan to understand what they will try to do is Congress is not wrested from their control. We agree that something must be done.

But there is very little reason to think that handing Congress to the Democrats will improve matters in any substantial way. Democrats have shown very little backbone or fire in the belly for the fight with the GOP. They continue, as is their custom, to nip at the heels of the GOP like so many Chihuahuas on the pant-leg of a determined postman. Again and again the GOP boots their pathetic and ineffective yapping into the side-yard of serious politics. If you want real resistance to the powers presently ruining our country, you don’t want Democrats. 

What you want is people who don’t answer to the bought-and-paid-for DNC and RNC. The Wall Street bankers and the corporations and the professional lobbyists have infiltrated and have come to control both of the major parties. Their weak shows of resistance against one another simply cover up their profound loyalty to the same masters. I promise the voters of the 12th District that if they elect Brendan Kelly, they will get a person who does exactly what he is told to do by his party bosses, just as Mike Bost currently does. You will not get meaningful change by sending him to Washington. What you will get is a conservative, blue-dog Democrat with his eye on a career in national politics playing along with whatever he is told to do by those who can raise him to the Senate, and them perhaps some very cushy position in the Executive Branch when as is inevitable, the White House does flip.

If Kelly does not rise, as I am sure he intends to do, the 12th district of Illinois will be stuck with a very conservative person for perhaps decades, who will bring no more to our district than his Democratic predecessors did, and whose voice will never, ever be heard in resistance to war, dirty energy, corporate greed, sensible gun laws, universal healthcare, or bringing an end to the racist and senseless incarceration culture (to which he has contributed). You will not see any progressive legislation coming from Brendan Kelly. You will see him playing along with the big boys until he is one of them. You will not see progress in the 12th district and he will not make you proud.

If you want to change things, you don’t want to “flip Congress.” You want a fighter. You want someone who answers to no one but you. You want someone who actually will fight for the values you hold. You want someone who isn’t afraid of the words “universal healthcare,” and “black lives matter” and “this war is illegal.” You’ll not see a woman’s right to choose vigorously defended by Kelly. You’ll not see the public schools supported by his genuine actions. He won’t be on the picket lines with your unions like I will. You won’t see him stand up to Trump or even to the entrenched powers of the Democrats. If you want basically nothing for your hometown in exchange for your vote, by all means go ahead and believe you are “flipping Congress.”

But I don’t think that is what you want. I think you care about your hometown, your region, and about doing what is moral and not just what is handed to you by the Democrats. With all my heart I believe that you want someone who sees that our future infrastructure depends on developing clean energy and building a transportation and information infrastructure that brings real economic growth to our region. I think you want better healthcare. I think you want an end to police violence against our citizenry. I think you want sensible gun laws. I think you want us to spend our tax money on things that enhance our lives and our civilization, not on bombs and w=the war machine. I think you want someone who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. I think you want someone who will make you proud to be a voter. I think you want someone who will speak directly, tell you the truth, and not divert your attention with stories and meaningless platitudes. I think you want someone who will bring you some concrete changes for the better.

I can work with Democrats when they are willing to do the right thing.

By all means send Kevin Gaither to Congress if you live in his district. It is clear that his values are progressive and that he is brave and will stand up to the corporate powers. But this isn’t about “flipping” anything, because if it is up to Brendan Kelly, well, you might as well vote for Bost. There is no difference in it for you, and in fact, you’ll have difficulty getting anyone genuinely progressive in this seat once you allow it to fall into Kelly’s (very ambitious) hands. You’ll see more of the same and nothing other, and flipping Congress won’t mean a thing for you.



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