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Quick List of Platform Statements

Position Statement by Randy Auxier

  • I favor the development of commuter rail systems in southern Illinois and around the nation. Infrastructure investment should be heavily dedicated to reviving mass transportation across the country. Particularly I favor the use of hydrogen powered trains.

  • I favor the development of the industries needed to supply the building of the new infrastructure, including the steel and materials needed to build trains and tracks.

  • I favor a heavily incentivized (but not mandatory) national service program, including a modern Civil Conservation Corps, which also includes military service for those who choose it. The reward is either free education, corresponding to years of service, or a start-up sum and no-interest loan and training to start a business.

  • I favor reducing the defense budget for the manufacture of expensive weapons and the use of that reduction to fund the national service initiative.

  • I favor single-payer universal healthcare. Healthcare is a human right, but it is also a crucial part of maintaining a globally competitive workforce.

  • I support a national legislative initiative to replace Rowe v. Wade (and the patchwork of case law. This framework is too weak to protect women and their children and their choices. We need a genuine, comprehensive plan to safeguard reproductive rights, family healthcare and planning (expanding Planned Parenthood), and extensive public care for children born in at risk situations, family medical leave (such as is found in the EU), sex education, free contraception, prenatal care, and a system like the one in Germany for compassionate counseling for women who may wish to have a pregnancy terminated.

  • I favor school funding reform at a national level, replacing the out-dated and unequal property tax systems. We need single-payer universal education. Education is a human right, and it is also the key to the economic future of the USA. All teachers and public employees’ unions and collective bargaining rights must be protected, as well as the autonomy of local school boards. But funding must pass through the Federal Government to insure equitable basic and secondary education regardless of variable property values, and the Federal Government must be represented in all contract negotiations with the aim of protecting the interest of the students.

  • I will advocate the demilitarization of police and advocate new standards, of the European type, for qualifying to join a police service (no police "forces" are needed, anywhere).

  • I support the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • I will sponsor reasonable legislation to replace the portions of the Voting Rights Act struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. I oppose all schemes to cage votes.

  • I will support sensible gun legislation, including a ban on assault rifles.

  • I favor sensible plans for forgiving all college debt.

  • I oppose with all of my energy the racist incarceration culture of the US and would begin altering it by pressing for legalization of recreational drugs and decriminalizing others. We must repeal and reform mandatory sentencing.

  • I favor alternative energy research and implementation, as well as the elimination, as quickly as possible, the unsustainable use of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources.

  • I favor the re-negotiation of NAFTA, which was exploitative of Canada’s natural resources and Mexico’s cheap labor, and an environmental and economic disaster for the US. No trade agreement that ignores human rights and environmental costs can possibly be wise. It is possible to have wise and sustainable economic growth, but it will never come where greedy corporations write the agreements. The public good must be the basis of all such economic growth.

  • I oppose corporate welfare in all its forms. It is simply stealing tax money from ordinary people and giving it to wealthy people.  We must restore the corporate tax rate prior to the rollbacks of the last thirty years. We must be vigilant to block the schemes of corporations to pay themselves with your money.

  • I favor a restoration of a private tax structure that looks like the structure of the pre-Reagan era. Freedom isn’t free, least of all for the wealthy and the corporations, but private citizens should be willing to think of the public good as a part of domestic tranquility, the general welfare, and the common defense (that is, national security).

Sexual Predators Do Not Belong in Positions of Public Trust

Position Statement by Randy Auxier
The recent wave of revelations exposing predatory or oppressive sexual conduct by men holding positions of power has been shocking to many people. Yet, these revelations, coming from courageous women all over the country, represent a long-overdue development for our society and a step in the right direction. Women, and some men, are striking blows against male domination, against men who think they can get away with any indecency through intimidation or because authorities (mostly male) will not punish them. 

The principal reason for this lamentable “tradition” of male misbehavior is what feminists rightly call the patriarchy: that historical aspect of our social order and culture that has empowered some men to treat women as inferiors, as sex objects, or even as property. It poisons all human relationships. The tradition of tolerating patriarchy stands in the way of social progress, of building a society based on cooperation, solidarity, trust, and love. We can do better —we simply must. Things cannot go on as they have been. It is intolerable to anyone who respects the dignity of other persons, and especially anyone who wants to have self-respect.
The American people have a right to expect that persons holding positions of public trust—including those representing them in Congress (or the White House)—meet fundamental standards of ethics and human decency, and do not abuse their power by using it to coerce others. The same standard must apply to those holding power in the private sector as well. Persons who use their power to prey on other people do not belong in positions of power at all, and they must be held accountable for their abuses. Such persons tragically damage and dehumanize themselves, often unconsciously. That is why many of them are surprised when their behavior comes to light. But their deprivation of their own humanity and decency is plain to others, and especially to those who are being coerced.

Contrite apologies are not enough, at this point in our shared history. And we must move beyond simply not doing what is wrong. We must work together toward replacing patriarchal presumptions of power with genuine, active respect for others, especially toward those whose fundamental situation is different from our own. We must become conscious of privilege when we possess it, especially where it comes unearned from inherited status in past societies, ones we now recognize as having moral standards we would like to improve. The exercise of privilege always comes at a social and cultural cost. To have privilege is to have it over others. The exercise of power does not require privilege, and the moral exercise of power must never be mixed with privilege.

As a candidate of the Green Party, I represent a party founded on certain core values—including feminism, respect for diversity, social equality and social justice. As a lifelong advocate for feminist ideals, I aspire to build, in cooperation with all of you, a society in which we not only establish full legal equality for women, but build an economy, society, and culture in which all human beings are treasured, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, national origin, religious belief, or any among the protected differences currently recognized, as well as those still to be fully and legally recognized. I am a longtime participant in the struggle to overcome patriarchy, and I will continue that work when elected to represent you in Congress. 

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