We can do better than to leave workers in poor health, which drains us of a competitive edge we need.

We can do better than to spend hundreds of millions to build roads that will be useless in two or three decades, while the same expenditures could bring our region and our country an inexpensive and environmentally sustainable mass transportation system, a system that would invigorate business in our region and many others.

We can do better than to smother our inner cities with quasi-military police forces, shooting first and asking questions later; we need police services, not police forces. It isn’t easy, but we can do better.

We can do better than quietism in the face of hate, and hesitancy in the face of irresponsible exercise of executive power. If our elected leaders do not resist abuses of executive power, then the people must replace them.

We can do better than to ruin our environment in order to squeeze the last few billion dollars from fossil fuels for the corporate moguls.

We can do better than to defund vital social services while subsidizing wealthy corporations.

We can do better than misuse our military to prop up dictatorships and oligarchies and plutocracies around the world, while developing democracies struggle. We can do better than that.

We can do better than to create the motives that terrorists take advantage of, with our xenophobic and isolationist national rhetoric, laced with fear and threats of aggression, mistreatment of refugees, religious tests for loyalty, travel bans, mass deportations, walls and ditches and hostile border policing, and every other inhospitable act. Our fear, and its consequences, turns young people both in the US and around the world into witnesses of our hypocrisy. All they learn about us is that we are not who we claim to be, not a land of the free and home of the brave. To a young person, that disappointment can grow into a dangerous hatred. We can do better than that.

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