What Is A Yamaha BBNE2BL?

Designed by Yamaha and experienced musician, guitarist for Eric Clapton, producer for Phil Collins and Layla, Yamaha BBNE2BL bass guitar delivers true bass tone with astounding sustain. For years, the Yamaha BB Series solid-body guitars have set the standard for the best in solid-body bass tone, producing a tone so balanced and powerful that it’s known as a monster. The latest model of this stellar line sports a new twin-neck design that is optimized for optimum sound quality for both the tighter and less-tight spots on the fret board. Also improved is the adjustable bridge that lets you experiment with either tighter or looser positioning, resulting in richer tone for all styles of music.

Yamaha BBNE2BL

Unlike its two preceding models, the newest version of the Yamaha BB allows the bridge to be suspended from the bridge post, eliminating the need for hardware. This keeps the bridge away from the sound hole, letting it produces wonderful effects as it is both lighter and more resilient than previous incarnations. In addition to a more compact and efficient design, Yamaha has increased the strength of the maple used in the body. Some call this extra durability “stiffness absorbers”. Extra bracing and reinforced corners to maximize the efficient utilization of the wood in the body, increasing the solid-body efficiency and adding incredible resonance.

This Yamaha BB series pickup uses two individual ceramic magnet pickups. Each pickup has its own voice coil to optimize the tonal balance for each specific chord. The result is a completely unique and individual tone for every single band, the guitar finds itself in. This can be yours when you purchase a model BBNE2 BL bass guitar. The first thing you will notice is that the blossom design does not lie flat. Rather, the three curved ridges on the outer edge of the pickup surround a symmetrical treble/mid/bass response which results in a very realistic tone that is both smooth and dark.

One of the benefits of owning a BB is that its use of wood allows it to capture the nuances of bass notes better than a lot of other humbucker models. This is perfect for those musicians who are not into achieving a particularly defined tone, but rather want to achieve a warm tonality. The fact that the BB models do not have any treble boost gives them an even warmer sound, and the fact that they are also equipped with rubber pads beneath the pickup allows them to sit better on the fretboard. If you want to play with a more defined bass tone, you should consider purchasing one of these.

One feature that sets the Yamaha BBE model apart from its predecessors is its use of a “solid-body” design. The sound of a solid-body is generally more refined and mellower compared to the hollow sounding of a hollow body guitar. However, some solid-body guitars can be rather noisy due to their construction, so the Yamaha model sounds more refined and mellow regardless of how much noise it puts out. In addition to being solid-bodied, this model utilizes a bolt-on bridge for more intonation and stability. It has been designed with an aluminum tuning post and Tune-O-meter, and it includes a whammy bar as well.

There are many different manufacturers that make amplifiers with the same features as the Yamaha BB nexplorer. A popular choice is the Yamaha CS-series which offers high quality at an affordable price. The CS-series also uses a metal tuning post and Tune-O-meter, making it one of the few models of this style that does not use the traditional tuning screws. It also uses a ceramic zone-control tone control for a rich and deep tone with a fast attack and slow decay. Other features of this model include variable Bass and treble controls, a direct effect bypass switch, front panel LED display, and a large back compartment with a large slot for the cables.