The Fire Watch Guard Service

Fire watch services are highly specialized, on-site protection services offered by specially trained personnel. These services are highly essential during times of emergency. They help to minimize damage and injuries caused in fire. Services usually incorporate: Fire watch maintenance, which helps to make sure that a fire watch service is effective at all times;

Fire Watch Services

Fire watch services take on many forms. The main objective of these on-site services is to reduce or eliminate the risks of fire risk to properties, both large and small. These services employ trained guards whose sole responsibility is to identify and contain potential hazards. These guards are also tasked to extinguish any potential fires. In addition to this, they also serve as a first responder in case of emergencies.

The objective of fire watch services is to minimise fire risk on a construction site. For this, a fire watch service will normally be deployed on site to ensure that all fire risks have been removed. This includes areas where combustible materials may be stored, such as in the utility boxes, chimneys, and fire escapes. The trained guards will then assess the danger area and recommend measures to be taken to minimise the danger. This includes the immediate installation of an on-site sprinkler system.

When on site, fire watch services also provide maintenance services to ensure that a sprinkler system is in working order. If there is no functioning sprinkler system, they will conduct a tender for one to be installed. If a tender is required for installation of an on-site fire alarm, the guards will need to know the type of alarm required, where it needs to be sited and if there is a need to hire a fire alarm technician.

Fire watch guard services employ a team of highly trained personnel. The guards must undergo rigorous training to obtain the required certification. Applicants will undergo a physical assessment, interview and writing test to ensure that the guards have the relevant skills to safely man the fire alarm system. Applicants will need to undergo an intensive fire safety management course. Training for guards may take up to two years, depending on the experience and education provided.

Fire watch services will hire guards who are fully trained in emergency rescue and fire safety. The guards will also undergo background checks and other checks to ensure they are fit for the role. Applicants will be assessed to determine their suitability and competency for the role. Once hired, the service will train the guards to work alongside customers, in order to provide a consistent level of service.