The Green Party’s political philosophy is guided by its Ten Key Values, shared by Green Party organizations around the world. Local candidates, such as Randy Auxier, orient by these values. Randy will represent local Illinois 12th District issues, framed by these values, during his House of Representatives congressional work in Washington DC.

  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Social Justice
  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Nonviolence
  • Decentralization
  • Community-Based Economics
  • Feminism
  • Diversity
  • Personal and Global Responsibility
  • Future Focus

Read more details about the current Illinois Green Party platform by clicking here.

Read more details about the similar national Green Party platform by clicking here.

Read details about Randy Auxier’s local platform statements by clicking here, or by clicking Platform Statements in the pull-down menu below the Issues tab above.

The Illinois Green Party has made a number of statements on statewide issues that are important to all Illinoisans. These statements, including topics such as minimum wage, renewable energy, fair taxation, and any updates may be read here.

More specific to southern Illinois 12th District, Randy will negotiate for our labor, small business, education, health and healthcare, fair taxation and appropriate use of our tax dollars, and our other community needs.  Click the News tab above for updates about such issues as they occur, and click Join in the sidebar to the right to provide your email address for updates in your inbox. Randy will listen to you about what issues he should represent in Congress, so send him your suggestions via the Contact tab above.